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My suppliers are mostly national producers who plant their product in the interior of the republic (Tenancingo, Valle de Bravo and Villa Guerrero), in Mexico City I have staff that supports me with the selection of the best quality product and are dedicated to the packaging and air shipment of flowers, for me it is important to support the economy of my country and likewise help the environment using flowers that are fresh and that are only a few hours away from us and do not travel for many hours or are in refrigeration for a long time.

My suppliers are a fundamental part of my company, they are an extension of me, without them I can not do my job, so creating ties and friendship with my suppliers is very important to me, that is why I make one trip a year to Mexico City to connect with them, see and learn about their new products.

Mexico is a country with many riches, but it does not produce all the variety of flowers that suddenly are required in events and it is here where I resort to flowers that are imported with all the care to ensure that they reach the final destination!

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